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Working on a new multimedia project

November 23rd, 2010

Recently i’ve been asked to art-direct a new multimedia project. This project, called “Waterland”, is an educational project for around 250 primary schools located along the large rivers of the Netherlands. It is intended to educate children (aged 10 – 12 years) about the way people and water have lived together in this area for hundreds of years, and still do.

The project consists of a lot of printed material, a website and an introduction movie. So I’ve built a team of various freelancers to accomplish this multimedia job, and will focus myself mainly on the movie and overall design.

So a lot of work to do! Time to move myself into the shoes of a 10 years old little boy :)

Update: Past weeks i’ve worked very hard to get some cool (and clear) renders for the illustrated parts of the movie, see below. Also, i’ve booked Tv-presenter “Marcel Kuijer” to do the storytelling for green screen (first production in my own new greenscreen-studio)!


4SeasonsSpa Breakdown

November 10th, 2010

For the 4SeasonsSpa FX shot i did, i’ve made a little breakdown movie. As you can see I ended up rebuilding the whole scene in CG. Putting a time-lapse forest on the background and color corrected the whole picture over time. Every season has it’s own color and mood, and is enriched with some details like falling leaves or the frozen pool.

Download high quality version here (mp4).

For the background forest, i used 9 (already very good) pictures from the time-lapse series of Eirik Solheim. And re-matched, color corrected, blended and morphed them together.


Psychedelic weekend

September 8th, 2010

Last weekend, production studio Smokin’ Barrel asked me to help them out with some extremely happy animations. This little job instantly changed my weekend into a nice psychedelic trip of bright colors and happy tunes ;)

The purpose of this viral is to promote the new TV program “Max adventures” by Ola (the ice company), which will be broadcast on Nickelodeon. 3D Characters by Euro RSCG 4D. Compositing by Fube.


Strange situation

August 2nd, 2010

One of the rare errors that made me smile on a monday morning :)


MTV Idents: Behance featured project!

June 30th, 2010

This morning i woke up with a couple of hundreds mails in my inbox. Everybody left invitations and positive comments on my work on behance. I was blown away and asked myself how i suddenly could get that much attention… The last mail in the row explained everything:

“Hello Roald,

I just wanted to notify you that one of your projects was just featured in the Behance Network gallery. Our editorial team features a small number of projects every day. With many thousands of options, we only pick a few that promote new thinking.
Congrats, and great to have you involved in the Behance Network. If you ever have any feedback/suggestions for us, feel free to contact me.

Behance LLC
New York”


Thank you for watching and your appreciation and thanks to the Behance team for giving me the great exposure on their front page!