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MTV Idents

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3 Short MTV Idents. Part of my graduation work at the HKU (School of Arts Utrecht). Inspired by the "Time After Type" workshop of David Carson. Below you will find some before and after pictures, for a little bit more information check out this blog post!

Thanks to:, Trudo, Taco Potma, Helmer van Efferink, Martijn America, Leanne Toet, Bart Hoeve, Melanie Kandelaars, Daan Witte, Reinier Flaes and Arthur Toet.
Duration:3 x approx. 0:35 min
Role:Concept, Preproduction, Production & Postproduction

01 End frame "MTV Park" Ident before postproduction

02 End frame "MTV Park" Ident after postproduction

03 End frame "MTV Stairs" Ident before postproduction

04 End frame "MTV Stairs" Ident after postproduction